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Understanding students with dyslexia is one of the most difficult apsects of teaching. Students are often smart with above-average IQ's, analytical, creative, and contributing class members. But, they may perform below grade level in reading, writing and spelling. This is very confusing to teachers. They don't always know how to teach these bright students. With the program PARTNER IN EDUCATION you will be providing a free copy of The Human Side of Dyslexia to teachers in your local school district.

Read the download PDF article from Fortune magazine "The Dyslexic CEO" May 2002, written by Betty Morris and ask yourself the question . . What would the business world look like without Kinkos, Cisco, Schwab,Virgin Atlantic Airways and Citi Bank if these CEO's had not overcome their dyslexia? Charles Schwab, David Murdock, CEO Dole Food Company, Richard Branson, Founder & CEO, Virgin Atlantic Airways and Paul J. Orfalea, Founder & CEO, Kinko's, John Chambers, CEO of Cisco, all have dyslexia.

The San Jose Mercury and Monterey Herald published articles highlighting interviewees from the book.


Make a difference in our education system and sponsor as many local schools in your area with books for teachers.


Books are sold at a discount price in cartons of 21, shipped by UPS direct to the schools of your choice. A sponsor label can be placed on the inside cover of the book, indicating your participation in the program.

Thank you notes from principals and teachers

From: Jim Baird

On behalf of the entire instructional staff here at Glenwood Elementary, I would like to thank the Dole Food Company for their wonderful donation. It is extremely important that the business and educational communities work together to help our children. They truly are our future.

Thank you again for all that you do!

James Baird
Principal, Glenwood Elementary, Thousand Oaks


From: Rosie Alvarez

Dear Household Finance Corporation,

I would like to take this time to thank you for your recent donation of the books on dyslexia. My teaching staff has very little training or knowledge of dyslexia. This is truly a gift for them. Please let it be known that you are impacting students lives by your donation.

God Bless You,
Rosie Alvarez, Principal, Roosevelt School, Salinas


From: Catherine A. Cranson

Dear Tanimura & Antle,

Our school's focus is literacy, and it was wonderful to have your company provide our staff members with the book "The Human Side of Dyslexia". Many of them have already begun reading it. It's important to have the support of our community in continuing education of all our members.
Once again, thank you.

Cathy Cranson Principal
Dr. Oscar F. Loya Elementary SchoolFrom: Carl Pearson, Principal, Soquel Elementary School


To: Charles Schwab, Soquel-Capitola Branch

Dear Sirs,

Thank you for the kind donation of "The Human Side of Dyslexia" for the teachers at Soquel Elementary, Santa Cruz. The books have been distributed to all our teachers. Our Resource Specialist will also be distributing them to parents who would benefit from reading this book.

We appreciate your generous donation.
Very truly yours,
Carl Pearson


From: Laura Caudwell Principal, Del Rey Woods Elementary School, Monterey
To: Pebble Beach Company

This was a very kind and unexpected donation. Thank you for your support for our programs. We will all find the books interesting and useful.


From: David Becker   To: Dole Food Company

Sirs - Thank you for the distribution of The Human Side of Dyslexia. We just received and I've had a chance to read a few of the interviews. Not only is it interesting reading, but I believe it will help my staff with their understanding of the unseen difficulties some children encounter. Dole Foods also sponsored the special assembly "5 a Day" to remind students of the importance of good nutrition through good eating habits - the live theater presentation was excellent. A big Park Oaks' THANK YOU to Dole for their support of education.

David Becker
Principal, Park Oaks Elementary, Thousand Oaks


From: Karl Pallastrini, Principal, Carmel High School, Carmel
To: The Nunes Company

Dear Friends,
I want to express my sincere gratitude on behalf of the educational program of Carmel High School for your organization's generous gift of copies of the book on dyslexia for each of our teachers. They will be a valuable resource for our faculty and will be put to good use.

We in public education appreciate the support and enthusiasm of private organizations within the community such as your. Together, we can truly build the community, starting with the education of our youth.


From: Larry Newman, Principal, Lincoln School, Salinas
To: Household

Thank you for the books: The Human Side of Dyslexia. I so much appreciate receiving them. This is an area that needs more understanding, especially by those who work daily with children

Thank you again.


From: Susan Salvoski
To: Dole Food Company

Thank you for donating The Human Side of Dyslexia books to our school. I know several adults who struggle with this problem. By reading this book not only will I be able to help them, but also the students in my class who may have it. I appreciate the fact you thought of Los Cerritos Middle School when you donated them!

Susan Salvoski
Teacher, Los Cerritos Middle School, Thousand Oaks


From Chris Carr, Aspen Elementary School, Thousand Oaks

On behalf of the principal and teachers at Aspen Elementary School, I thank you for your recent donation of 21 copies of The Human Side of Dyslexia. Many of the teachers were very excited to receive a useful tool for better understanding of a condition they deal with on a daily basis.

Thank you, Dole Foods, for your recent forays into enhancing public
education. We do appreciate your interest!


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