The interviews tell us of the challenges of real life, and some of the wonderful problem solving that people with learning disabilities have used to meet those challenges. Much can be learned from studying their unique stories."

Professor Sally L.Smith, Founder/Director
The Lab School of Washington DC
Head, Graduate Program, Special Education, American University

"The Human Side of Dyslexia helps parents see that they are not alone in their struggles, and gives teachers insights into what might be going on in their students' lives outside of school."

John Osner, Director of Slingerland Teacher Training
Charles Armstrong School, Belmont, CA

"A thoroughly positive easy-to-read book which will be most helpful to all those living and working with dyslexic learners. It is good to see an emphasis on the creative abilities of dyslexia as they are so often overshadowed by the problems. A valuable resource."

Lindsay Peer, Education Director, British Dyslexia Association, UK

"The whole area of special education will benefit from this new book. Readers can relate to the frank and detailed interviews that provide a wide range of information at a human level."

Patience Thomson, former Principal
Fairley House School, London, UK

"At Shelton School, we are blessed to work with many gifted learning-different students. You'll find the challenges and successes of our students, their siblings, and their parents reflected in the pages of this very practical and inspirational book. It shows what we experience every single day: not all great minds think alike."

Joyce S. Pickering, Executive Director, Shelton School, Dallas, TX
Executive Director, International Dyslexia Association

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